Rotation 3 Bring the Hoopla

Bring the Hoopla - Rotation 3

Saturday August 22 from 11:50am - 12:05pm

On-site at the library!

(Ages 4 and Up)

**Registration is strictly required**

We are so excited to have Bring the Hoopla at the library! Nicole allows each participant to find success within their hoop through (hula) hoop instruction that brings the fun back into fitness and builds self-confidence through positive activity, creativity and teamwork. “We create our own story by learning to love ourselves for exactly who we are.”

For everyone’s comfort and safety, we ask that you observe the following information about how we will be running the program:

The program will be held outside to ensure proper social distancing, we have a large overhead tent to provide some shade or shelter from the sun.

Masks are required to have with you in case of any distancing issues. Parents/guardians are required to stay with their child.

There are three rotations of participants to make sure we can include as many kids as possible

First Rotation: 11am - 11:20am

5 minute break to sanitize and transition

Second Rotation: 11:25am - 11:45am

5 minute break to sanitize and transition

Third Rotation: 11:50am - 12:05pm, please arrive 5 minutes early but remain away from the program area until the second group has left, 5 participants maximum

Saturday Aug 22, 2020
11:50 AM  -  12:05 PM
Robyn Rivero    2038886944 Ext. 4