Adult Fiction Book Club-Virtual

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Thursday, October 22 at 6PM


Dawn will discuss Motherland by Paul Theroux

To those in her Cape Cod town, Mother is an exemplar of piety, frugality, and hard work. To her husband and seven children, she is a selfish, petty tyrant. She excels at playing her offspring against each other. Her favorite, Angela, died in childbirth; only Angela really understands her, she tells the others. The others include the officious lawyer, Fred; the uproarious professor, Floyd; a pair of inseparable sisters whose devotion to Mother has consumed their lives; and JP, the narrator, a successful writer whose work she disparages. As she lives well past the age of one hundred, her brood struggles with and among themselves to shed her viselike hold.


Thursday Oct 22, 2020
6:00 PM  -  7:00 PM
Dawn Higginson    (203) 888-6944
There are 14 spaces available.