The American Creed, Identity, and Social Change

Part II of the American Creed: Community Conversation Series

This presentation considers how some social movements such as the civil rights, women’s rights and gay rights movements have utilized the American Creed to create fairer politics by reshaping and broadening our understanding of “We The People”. We will discuss the substantive content of the American Creed and the ways in which political forces have debated the meaning of these broad principles leveraging them to generate change throughout American history. We will conclude by recognizing that the main tenets of the American Creed, a central part of our identity, are subject to differences in understandings. While the principles remain unchanged over time, the question of their appropriate application to political life is an ongoing negotiation between forces that attempt to make American identity more inclusive and those that seek to make American identity more exclusive. Presenter Dr. Lynn Mills Eckert of Marist College.

Wednesday Apr 17, 2019
6:30 PM  -  8:30 PM
Boardman Road - Greene Rooms