Vegan Potluck Dinner

Rebecca Moore from the Institute for Animal Happiness joins us with a presentation that aims to fully upend what we think we know about chickens. Learn how a childhood meeting with a chicken at camp, and then rising to the occasion to take in a rooster with deformed feet named Nelly years later, transformed Rebecca’s life and set her on a mission to help these feathered friends - who are the most abused animals on earth. Once we break down the myths and misconceptions, chickens actually become a powerful bridge to profound new vistas of ethical awareness and catalysts for exciting personal and social change. 

This event also includes a vegan potluck! When you sign up, please tell us if you are planning on bringing a vegan dish to share, and what you are going to bring. Come eat great food with your neighbors and learn the truth about chickens!

Monday Nov 18, 2019
6:00 PM
Pleasant Valley Library    8456358460   
Meeting Room
There are 24 spaces available.