When Sugar Was Good For You: The Development of Nutrition Science in America


Sugar gives you energy, right? That means it must be good for you! Learn more about the history of nutrition science in America with food historian Sarah Wassberg Johnson. From our earliest forays into nutritional basics, to our national obsession with vitamins and health fads, learn about how we got to where we are today when it comes to nutrition science. Focusing on the turn of the 20th century to post-WWII innovations in nutrition to today. 

Sarah Wassberg Johnson is The Food Historian - author, speaker, educator, podcaster, and blogger on all things related to food history. A frequent interviewee of journalists looking for historical context, she was featured in all three episodes of The History Channel mini series, "The Food That Built America" and has been featured on NPR, the Atlantic, CNN, Atlas Obscura, and more. She has published in New York History journal and the Agricultural History journal and is currently finalizing edits on her book, "Preserve or Perish: Food in New York State during the Great War, 1916-1919," under contract with SUNY Press.

Sarah received her MA in History/Public History from the University at Albany, State University of New York and her BA in History and Scandinavian Studies from Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota.


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