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Come and join us at The Yard for a discussion of The Secrets You Keep by Kate White. PLEASE NOTE THIS IS A NEW DATE !

Bryn Harper, an accomplished self-help author, already has plenty to deal with. She’s still recovering from a devastating car accident that has left her haunted by recurring, smoke-filled nightmares. Worse still, she can’t shake the ominous feeling her dreams contain a warning. In the beginning, Bryn’s husband Guy couldn’t have been more supportive. But after moving into a new house together, disturbing incidents occur and Guy grows evasive, secretive. What the hell is going on, she wonders? Then, a woman hired to cater their dinner party is brutally murdered.

Paperback The Secrets You Keep: A tense and gripping psychological thriller Book

Monday Jan 23, 2023
6:00 PM  -  7:00 PM
The Yard