Virtual Lecture: The Pink Tax: The Economics of Being Female

The pink tax is the notion that women pay more than men for products that are female-oriented. For example, those who believe in the pink tax often claim that women pay more than men for razors, and that these women’s razors are the same product as men’s razors. What are the financial realities of growing up female?

Presented by Dr. Lisa Saunders, Professor of Economics at UMASS Amherst. Professor Saunders has participated in professional workshops and conferences about teaching economics inclusively at the national level for over 20 years. Her research interests are Labor Economics, Stratification Economics, Feminist Economics and Diversity and Inclusion in Economics Education.
Zoom details to follow.

Saturday Aug 1, 2020
11:00 AM  -  12:00 PM
Desiree Smelcer    413-538-5045
Community Meeting Room
There are 45 spaces available.