Judgment Calls: The Science Behind Your Decisions

Why might people pay more for a can of 7up if it was named 100up?

How does your posture affect who you vote for?

How can fonts change which stocks you buy, who you tell secrets to, and how much your children learn in school?

Come find out as Professor Danny Oppenheimer guides us through an engaging exploration of how our judgments can be influenced by irrelevant information –and how people's decisions can be easily manipulated! For more than a decade, Professor Oppenheimer's lab has been exploring how people make decisions, and the surprising factors that can change people's decisions. In this talk, he will share some of the highlights of what he has learned and explore some of the most exciting findings currently being investigated in his lab.

Refreshments and surprises will be provided.

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Bio: Danny Oppenheimer is a Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, jointly appointed in Psychology and Decision Sciences who studies judgment, decision making, metacognition, learning, and causal reasoning, and applies his findings to a diverse array of domains, such as charitable giving, consumer behavior, education, electoral outcomes, and how to trick students into buying him ice cream. He is the author of more than 50 peer-reviewed articles and books including Democracy Despite Itself: Why a System that shouldn't work at all works so well and Psychology: The Comic Book Introduction. He has won awards for research, teaching, and humor.

Tuesday Jul 30, 2019
7:00 PM
Brandon    412-882-6622    taperb2@einetwork.net
Whitehall Community Room