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February. The redheaded stepchild of Winter. The empty roll of Rolaids on Taco Tuesday. The Scott Disick of the Kardashians. (It's been so cold lately my brain has frozen I have no idea what I'm writing right now.) Could there be a month less welcomed? This winter has been so awful that you've literally been trapped in your house since New Year's and cabin fever is making you think your cat wants you dead.

Never fear! NPL YA is here! Get off your couch, strap your feet into some snowboots and shovel your way over to us for some fun. Because, baby, it is on like Donkey Kong!* That's right. OPEN GAMING!

Swing on in and monkey around with other teen game lovers like you! Choose from a variety of board and video games. Hold up. Did she just say video games? That’s right, tech loving teenagers! We got ourselves a sweet PS4. That’s slang for PlayStation 4, Mom & Dad. We also dabble in the old school games like Jenga and Uno for you teen hipsters who are trying to stay off the grid.

So come on in and get your game on. (At the very least, get out of the house until Mr. Fluffy Fluffertons stops looking at your weird.)

*Please note: currently we don’t have Donkey Kong. But we didn’t want to say “It’s on like Madden NFL 17” because that doesn’t make sense. And if there’s one thing YA librarians like to do, it’s make sense. I mean, just look at the other YA program descriptions. 

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