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Museum passes are a great service offered by libraries everywhere. Tixkeeper puts the web to work for you, enabling your patrons to search and reserve your available passes, visit the museum web sites, even cancel their own pass reservations, all without calling you! And by adding patron authentication, you can even control who can access your pass reservation page.

Our basic TixKeeper service includes:

  • Guided setup with a TixKeeper Product Specialist
  • A standard service of one year subscribtion to TixKeeper. This allows your organization to track up to 1000 reservations at any one time for a period of 1 year. Includes 3 editors.
  • Unlimited technical support

TixKeeper with authentication (where available) includes:

  • Detailed consultation with a TixKeeper Product Specialist, specifically addressing your authentication needs
  • A standard service of one year subscription to TixKeeper. This allows your organization to track up to 1000 reservations at any one time for a period of 1 year. Includes 3 editors.
  • Detailed authentication options based on ILS
  • Unlimited technical support

TK Mars

New in 2016, TK Mars is an enhancement to the look and functionality of TixKeeper.  TKMars includes:

  • The ability to change and update the look of the TixKeeper page
  • Responsive windows for mobile devices.  It looks great on all devices; desktop, tablet and smartphone.
  • The ability to add in maps to museum and destination locations.

Check out these great examples of libraries that are using TK Mars:

Summit Free Public Library

Jefferson County Public Library

Denver Public Library (Print on Demand option)

The Island Trees Public Library (Multiple Branches)

Watch your pass usage go up and your staff time go down when you toss the notebook and link to TixKeeper!

TixKeeper for Resource Management

Do you have a collection of mobile hot spots, STEM kits, or AV equipment that circulate?  KitKeeper or TixKeeper could work for you.  Our museum pass software TixKeeper and our book club collection management software Kitkeeper can both be used to manage special collections.  There are benefits to using TixKeeper or KitKeeper based on your unique requirements.  Both programs can track reservations, send confirmations to patrons, and maintain usage statistics.  Patrons can reserve items in advance and library staff can keep track of past, present, and future reservations.  

Read more about KitKeeper and TixKeeper for Resource Management 


Yonkers Public Library

Multi-branch library

Denver Public Library

TKMars with Print on Demand

Alamance County Public Libraries

EK Mars

Thomas Crane Public Library

Branded Site

Jefferson County Public Library