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The Gilded Age: A Journey Back in Time with Judith Krall-Russo of Tea, Food, History! 

In person program at Library Headquarters, Manalapan. Everyone welcome, registration is not needed.

Please note: food and beverages will not be available during this program, only discussed! 

Call it Gotham, call it The Great metropolis or just call it New York was the center of the Gilded Age (1870-1900). Mark Twain  coined the words Gilded Age to satirize this time of poverty and corruption that was covered by a thin layer of gold gilding.

During the Civil War, the seeds were planted, and by 1870, wealth was growing by leaps and bounds due to industrialization, railroad development, mechanization and so much more. The Noveau Riche (new money) wanted to be accepted into New York City's high society of old money, known as the Knickerbockers. While New York City was the epicenter of the Gilded Age, Monmouth County had its share of wealth and glamour. Monmouth Beach's 1.6 miles of Ocean Avenue was known as Millionaire's Mile. Long Branch was know as the go-to destination for seven U.S. Presidents to escape the heat of Washington, D.C. for the cooling breezes of the Jersey Shore. It was also the summer playground for many wealthy New Yorkers.

Come and learn about the wealth and glamor of this time, as well as the poverty, robber barons, and political corruptions of this extravagant - and at the same time - depressing era.


About the Presenter: Judith Krall-Russo has studied the fascinating and rich history behind homegrown foods and exotic teas. She shares her knowledge by telling wonderful stories, laced with humor and surprising detail that make us appreciate and have an even greater taste for our New Jersey cuisine.   



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