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Curious about New Jersey’s role in the abolitionist movement? How did the trail of safe houses and routes ferrying enslaved persons from the southern states to freedom in the North work? Presenter Alvin Corbett will provide an overview of the extensive network that eventually became known as the Underground Railroad.

Logistics, a term used in private industry, the military, and government, can be defined as the movement of personnel, resources and supplies.  Al Corbett uses his systems engineering background to explain the complexities of the Underground Railroad through modern technological concepts and social norms.  He explores the Underground Railroad as a secret network of underestimated people and resources that aided in the liberation of thousands of slaves.  Audiences will gain insight and a greater appreciation for the challenges of the Underground Railroad movement.

Alvin Q. Corbett, born and raised in Wilson, North Carolina, is a historian, educator and lecturer. Corbett holds a Bachelor's Degree from North Carolina A&T State University and a Master's from Stevens Institute of Technology. He served as Vice President of Board of Directors for the Underground Railroad Museum of Burlington County, NJ (2014-2017); has been invited to be a visiting scholar at New Jersey's Rutgers University, and is an active member of the Salem and Camden County, NJ Historical Societies. Corbett also served as Assistant Curator for the Mattye Reed African-American Heritage Museum on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC. In 1984, Corbett became one of the first museum digital archivists in the country.

Mr. Corbett created, "Jack Sherrod LIVES!", an educational art experience showcasing Sherrod's evolution from a slave to a Civil War Union soldier, and ultimately, a free landowner in Wayne County, North Carolina. The program was created to engage the community in African-American history, to honor and preserve Sherrod family heritage, and to share the extraordinary life and legacy of his great-great-grandfather, Jack Sherrod.

Thanks to the Friends of the Monmouth County Library for their support of this program.

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