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Week #7: Imagine Your Underwater Story    

 Projects Sandpaper Art Materials: Course Sandpaper Crayons Optional: Glue, seashells, beads, glitter, etc.

Bubble Art Materials Liquid Dish Soap Straws Washable Paint Water Several Large Containers (disposable aluminum trays work well) Paper

Rain Stick Materials: Cardboard Tube (from aluminum foil or plastic wrap works best)

Paint Paper Bag Two Rubber Bands Dry Rice or Beans (beads will also work) Optional Decorations: Beads, feathers, stickers, markers, pipe cleaner etc.

Project Hydro-Dipping Materials: Old plastic or aluminum containers (big enough to float the paper in) Multiple cans of spray paint Newspaper Plastic forks or toothpicks

Face Masks/ Water Optional: Spray Sealant Things to Dip: (ask permission first!) Paper Glass and Ceramic Containers Old Shoes Alternate Method Materials Same as above except… Use food coloring or nail polish instead of spray paint. (Adult supervision recommended)

Contact: Children's Department