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On Connecticut Trails Day in 2017, self-proclaimed rock-hound Jeff Sherman joined an organized walk along Woodbury’s Trolley Bed Trail.  When he veered off on to a different part of the trail, he noticed a large hole in the side of a nearby hill.  Fascinated, he returned later with Naturalist Pete Rzasa to take a closer look.  What they discovered were holes drilled inside of the cave, leading them to realize what they had stumbled upon could quite possibly be an early copper mine.  The discovery soon led to the involvement of filmmaker Mike Sandone who is the creator of a web series about exploring abandoned mines in CT and NY.  He created “Mines and Mysteries: The Woodbury Copper Mine”, a documentary film about the discovery of the mine and the history of early mining in Woodbury and nearby areas.  The fascinating film shares a variety of information and interviews from experts in the field, including Woodbury’s award-winning Historian Susan Shepard, as well as giving the viewer a superb look inside of the mine itself. 

The film, “Mines and Mysteries: The Woodbury Copper Mine” is available to view on demand on the Library’s website here:


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