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Get ready to go on a vision quest for Mother Earth!  

Join author Lin Northrup as she shares excerpts from Leela and the Forest of Light, an inspiring story about finding our place in the circle of life so we can be earth-wise humans!  The talk suitable for all ages.  Follow Leela into a mystical forest and discover how the animals and tree nation teach her the sacred point of view of all living things. This story is a hero's journey, a visionary quest that speaks to our hearts with a powerful message of 'Nature as our teacher.'  It weaves together Native American wisdom that connects us to the natural world in such a beautiful way. Their tradition honors all animals as teachers who offer us life lessons.

Fox tells Leela, “Humans have forgotten their place in the circle of life. When things get out of balance, the children of earth and sky come forward to help the planet.”

Find out how Fox, Hawk, Deer, Mountain Lion, Gray Wolf, a shaman, and wise medicine women teach Leela the skills she'll need to fulfill the prophecy and face the forces that ignore nature's laws of equality and unity.

Lin Northrup, linnorthup.com, was a teacher of gifted programs, taught at Naugatuck Valley Community College, offers creative writing workshops and lives in a quiet corner of planet Earth with her rescue cat, Max.

“Your power lies within you, Leela.”- Mountain Lion

The views and opinions expressed are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Woodbury Public Library.

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