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Join us for “A Paranormal evening with Joe Franke”.  Franke was one of Ed & Lorraine Warren’s original students from the 1980s and is COB/CIO of the Warren Legacy Foundation.  Monroe's Ed and Lorraine Warren were two of the most notable paranormal investigators of the past century and they explored some of the most famous alleged haunts in history, including the "Amityville Horror" and the Enfield Poltergeist. While both of the Warrens have since died, they have left a legacy of paranormal investigations. 

Joe Franke is also a veteran in the paranormal community, beginning his journey in 1986 as an apprentice working alongside his mentors, world-renowned psychic researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren. He is an accomplished investigator, demonologist, lecturer and consultant with more than thirty-five years of experience in paranormal research and exploration.

A longtime resident of Wallingford, Franke currently serves as Board Chairman and CIO of the Warren Legacy Foundation, a worldwide network of dedicated experts working together to study paranormal phenomena, educate the public and future generations of researchers, aid psychics with their abilities, and help those in need of overcoming their paranormal afflictions.

Franke is also a co-founder of the Connecticut Paranormal Research Society, a Connecticut-based organization established in 1993. During his program, Franke will discuss paranormal events that happened in here in Connecticut, and many other stories of the paranormal taken from his long history of working with the Warrens.

The views and opinions expressed are those of the presenter and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Woodbury Public Library.


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