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2020/02/20 : Dinosaur Detectives
Dinosaur Detectives
Thursday February 20, 2020 : 01:00 PM - 01:45 PM
To ensure the safety, security, and privacy rights of all of our patrons, the use of any audio, video, or other recording devices (including cell phones)
is strictly prohibited in the Library.

Each member of your party must be registered.


Space and materials are limited for programs!
Please be considerate of the many patrons
who wish to attend our programs
but who may be on the wait list.

To ensure opportunities for everyone and to maximize our resources, patrons who register but do not attend, and did not call ahead to cancel for programs with limited space and materials, such as this one, will be placed on the wait list for future programs that involve limited space and materials.

Please read the Program Registration Document for additional information.
Jean Collins
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