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Sam Hazo and The Pittsburgh That Stays Within You

 Join us for an evening with internationally acclaimed poet, Samuel Hazo and an exploration of the memories of our city. Samuel Hazo has written five editions of his memoir of  "The Pittsburgh That Stays Within You." From the first edition of  "The Pittsburgh That Stays Within You", published in 1986 to the most recent edition published this September,  Samuel Hazo has added new material so that the book itself is representative of the evolution of our city through time. 

One section of the book is devoted to Samuel's memory of the day that J.F.K. was shot and how with following hours and days both he, individually and the city, collectively have irrevocably been changed. A short film was made about this passage and will be a shown as a part of this program.

In the words of Samuel Hazo "A city dweller named Aristotle remarked that a story should have a beginning, middle and an end. My memoir of Pittsburgh lacks a beginning and an end, but it assuredly has a middle. Commencing, as Aristotle would have approved, in the midst of things, it manages to stay right there. Since its unity is the unity of a single point of view entwined with anecdotes gathered haphazardly by the simple principle of addition, . . . it is what it is--a memoir that attempts to suggest that Pittsburgh did not arrive at its present status like Venus on the half shell, but that its present grew out of its past. That past exists in our collective memory if it exists at all. One of Aristotle's successors noted in passing that the past is all we have. He was only half right. We have the present that the past made possible. This memoir is one man's view of that possibility."

The author of books of poetry, fiction, essays and plays, Samuel Hazo is the director and president of the International Poetry Forum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he is also McAnulty Distinguished Professor Emeritus at Duquesne University. His latest books are Just Once (poetry), Spying for God (essays), Stills (fiction), and Feather (play). He has been a National Book Award finalist, was chosen the first state Poet Laureate of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania in 1993, and received the Maurice English Poetry Award in 2003.

Monday Oct 16, 2017  - Monday Oct 16, 2017

7:00 PM  -  9:00 PM

Mt. Lebanon Public Library    412-531-1912    events@mtlebanonlibrary.org

Meeting Room A