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Mt. Lebanon Public Library

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Emotional Balancing with Essential Oils

Psychologists Wendy Weaver Graham, PhD and Carole Kunkle-Miller, PhD, authors of Emotional Balancing with Essential Oils: A Self-Guided Journey, will discuss their their work using essential oils to improve insight into personal feelings and various emotional states. Essential oils have been effectively used for centuries to improve the overall health and well-being of individuals around the world. These same amazing essential oils have been used to support the emotional health of those experiencing the normal "ups and downs" of daily life. Learn about how they have utilized this unique, self-exploration journal to empower both new and experienced essential oil users.  Registration helpful, but not required.

Thursday Apr 18, 2019  - Thursday Apr 18, 2019

1:30 PM  -  2:30 PM

Laurena Schultz, Public Services Librarian    412-531-1912    schultzl@einetwork.net

Meeting Room B