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Ending WW2 - Development and Delivery of the Atomic Bomb

“THE BOMB, THE PLANE AND THE END OF WORLD WAR TWO : Laying the Foundation of our Military Industrial Complex”


The story of the men who developed the USA’s first what we now call  “weapons systems”. Three men led this effort such that without them it is very doubtful the weapons would have been developed in time to end World War Two. Also hear and understand how we decided to use the Bomb instead of the other alternatives promoted by the US Navy and the US Air Force to finalize the defeat of Japan.

This event will be conducted via the free video conferencing software Zoom and a Library staff member will be supervising the session.  The Librarian coordinating the event will email each registrant a Zoom meeting invitation before the start of the program.  Zoom is available as a free desktop (for Windows, MacOS, and Linux Operating systems) and mobile application for Android and Apple iOS devices. Once Zoom is installed, you will be able to join the virtual Library program.

Registration is required.  By registering for this event you have agreed to comply with the library's patron behavior policy. All non-compliant participants will be immediately and permanently blocked from further participation.  Because the Librarian facilitating the event will not be able to provide live technical support during the virtual program, it is strongly encouraged you familiarize yourself with Zoom in advance of the program. You can also contact the Library’s Virtual Reference Service for assistance learning Zoom.  You can also join a test meeting to familiarize yourself with Zoom. For more in-depth instructions please visit the Zoom support page on joining a meeting

Wednesday Oct 20, 2021  - Wednesday Oct 20, 2021

7:00 PM  -  8:30 PM