TixKeeper is our software which lets you manage Museum Pass reservations (or any other "tickets", hence the name TixKeeper).

TixKeeper puts the web to work for you, enabling your patrons to search and reserve your available passes, visit the museum web sites, even cancel their own pass reservations, all without calling you! And by adding patron authentication, you can even control who can access your pass reservation page.


TK Find seen here : Michigan Activity Pass


A custom front end for TixKeeper that allows patrons to search for museums and other destinations, by location and type of destination.

TK Mars

TK Mars is an enhancement to the look and functionality of TixKeeper.  TKMars includes:

  • The ability to change and update the look of the TixKeeper page
  • Responsive windows for mobile devices.  It looks great on all devices; desktop, tablet and smartphone.
  • The ability to add in maps to museum and destination locations.


And check out a few other cool TixKeeper samples:

Cambridge Public Library
Hauppage Public Library
Boston Public Library [this is a custom start page because they have so many passes and so many branches.]
Orange County Library System