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Welcome to the Bozeman Public Library Book Group and KitKeeper FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Library users may now schedule book group kits online using the KitKeeper system. The following information will help you use the new system.

Getting Started

1.   What can I do in KitKeeper?
KitKeeper is designed as a self-service tool so that you can conveniently browse the Library’s book club kit collection, reserve kits and manage your list of kit reservations.

2.   How do I access KitKeeper?
At the Bozeman Public Library webpage (http://www.bozemanlibrary.org)  select browse, and click Book kits, under Find it

3.  How do I log-in to KitKeeper?
You need to use your 14 digit library card barcode number and be in good standing with less than ten dollars in fines. An email address must be on file in your library record.

4.   How do I schedule titles in KitKeeper? What month do I use for a reservation?
Place your reservation for the month you pick up the kit and distribute books to members, rather than the discussion month. For example, if you plan to discuss a title in April, schedule it for March, pick up the book club kit, distribute it, and then collect them at the next meeting when you discuss it. When you are reserving titles for future months, search for what is available during the month you PICK UP the kit.  An email notification will be sent when the kit is ready for pick-up.

5. How do I search for kits in KitKeeper?
a.   From the KitKeeper home page, click on the List box outlined in red. You now have the choice to search for kits by title, author or genre (fiction or non-fiction) using the drop-down arrows to the right of each option.
b.   Once you have highlighted an option, click Select.
c.   From the list of search results, you may click on Details for more information on a particular kit or click on Reserve this Kit to see if that the kit is available.
(You can click on the Return to the Main Menu bar if you would like to start your search over.)
d.   Once you have decided on your kit, you are ready to place your reservation in KitKeeper.

 Check out the Quick Start Guide to learn about the features of this system.
Click Return to KitKeeper Main Menu to start browsing and reserving.

Quick Start Guide


  • Browse all titles
  • View descriptions
  • Download discussion questions


  • Choose a title in the drop down menu to see its availability by date.


  • Choose a month in the drop down menu to see all available kits by date.

RESERVE 3 WAYS - If you want to reserve a kit you must have your library card* barcode

LIST - Click Reserve this kit under your desired kit

RESERVE - Click Reserve on your preferred date

DATES - Click on your preferred date, and then click the title you wish to reserve


  •  Login in with your library card* barcode
  •  Click Reserve this Kit
  •  The next screen will give you an overview of your request. A copy of this information will also be sent to the email address that appeared in your form.
  •  Your will be contacted via email when your kit is ready to be picked up.
  •  Remember: Your pick-up date is a desired date. Please allow 2-3 business days to process and ship your kit.

MY KITS - View your list of reserved kits**

  • Click on My Kits
  • Login in with your library card* barcode (click continue once your library card has been verified)
  • See a current list of kits you have reserved including your preferred pick-up date
  • Use the Action column to Delete a kit from your queue
  • Include Past Reservations in List will give you a list of the last 6 kits you have reserved

* You must have a Bozeman Public Library card to use this software.

**Reserved BPL Kits will not show up in your library record. This software is not linked to Renew My Items, Review My Account.

Managing Book Club Kits

1.   When will my book club’s kit be at the pickup branch?
You will receive an email message to notify you when your kit is ready for you at Bozeman Public Library.

2.   What if I go to Bozeman Public Library and the kit is not there?
Please wait for email notification that your kit is there to pick up. KitKeeper sends an email when the kit is ready.

3.   My kit is late. What is the status? Where is it?
For questions on the status of your kit, please call Bozeman Public Library at 406-582-2407 for assistance. Please have your library card handy.

4.   Can I substitute another title?
The only time that you may change your reservation is if the title that you are waiting for has not been returned by the prior group (overdue). This needs to be done by staff. Please contact Bozeman Public Library at 406-582-2407 if you need to reserve a replacement. You will need to provide the name of the title of the book that you had initially reserved.

5.  How far ahead of time can I reserve a kit?
You can reserve kits six months in advance.

6. Where do the Book Club kits come from?
The Friends of Bozeman Public Library sponsor the Book Club kits. Local book clubs occasionally donate the funds for kits to the Friends of Bozeman Public Library.