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Please contact library staff at 303-762-2560 for assistance with Book Club Kit Reservations. Or you can email Hannah at hkinne@englewoodco.gov.

What comes in a bag? Most kits include a canvas tote bag, 6-10 paperback copies of a book, and a folder with discussion questions.

Kits can be reserved through KitKeeper and then picked up on a date of your choosing at the Library Information Desk. You can search for books by date of availability or by title.

Book Club Kits are only available to patrons ages 12 and older with a full access library account. The account holder is financially responsible for all Book Club Kit contents.

Once your reservation is ready for pickup, you will receive an email notification. You will then have seven days to pick up the Book Club Kit from the Library Information Desk or the reservation will be cancelled.

Replacement costs vary based on kit contents. 

Return the Book Club Kits to the Library Information Desk inside of the Library. Do not place Book Club Kits in the outdoor book drops.