VIRTUAL - Understanding Your Aura


What is an aura? And more importantly how can knowing your aura improve your life? This guided presentation gets to the core of the importance of our aura. Sydney Sherman discusses the study of auras, and how knowing details about your personal aura can drastically change your life. She will identify the different colors of auras and explain what distinct personality traits and characteristics can be attributed to these colors. How can your aura color identify illnesses, stress, emotional disturbances … even cancer? How can the energies from others affect your aura negatively or positively? How you can protect your aura and even see auras in others? This presentation is jam packed with information and very interactive.  This program will be held using Zoom.

Free and open to all.

Registration is required and is available one month prior to the event.


Monday Jul 12, 2021
6:30 PM  -  7:30 PM
Cindy Baklik    860-395-3184
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