Teen Take and Make: Blinky POV and Tap-Tempo Metronome

Choose between the Blinky POV or Tap-Tempo Metronome kit.

Pick up your Blinky POV kit and program a fun message to display. Blinky POV is a reprogrammable LED kit that uses persistence of vision to create the illusion of text or a small picture floating in the air. One you're done assembling it, visit the Blinky Programmer to write your message! * Soldering iron required for this craft *

The Tap-Tempo Metronome is a tap-controlled or tap-tempo metronome and “beat looper.” You tap the piezo speaker to set the rhythm. The display shows the beats per minute, and the two buttons adjust the speed. You can tap patterns into it, currently up to 12 beats long. As long as you tap the pattern in three times, it jumps in and continues beeping in that rhythm.


REGISTRATION BEGINS ON MONDAY. JULY 19.  Please email Katie Yager at kyager@mybpl.org if you're interested in this craft project. 



Monday Jul 19, 2021
9:00 AM  -  9:00 PM
Katie Yager    630-924-2736    kyager@mybpl.org