The History of Connecticut's Libraries
Join John Cilio, our story teller, as he shares anecdotes about the people who created the libraries we know today. The first American book sharing institutions date back to Colonial times when books were expensive, difficult to acquire, and imported. Most people couldn't read anyway.  As the colonies grew into the 1700's, private book clubs evolved among wealthy men who communally shared their books. Eventually those private club memberships evolved into subscription libraries, for anyone who could pay a membership and a book borrowing fee.  Join us to hear John Cilio talk about the history of libraries and how they became the valuable resources we know today. Click here to view a trailer for the program.
This program is thanks to generous funding from The Friends of the C. H. Booth Library
Tuesday Dec 6, 2022
7:00 PM  -  8:30 PM
Kate Sasanoff    203-426-4533
Virtual Meeting Space 1
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