Get Started with Investing Part I

Do you want to feel more confident when it comes to investing? Do not allow unfamiliar terms like “mid cap value fund” to intimidate you. The basics of investing are easy to grasp. Get Started with Investing is a two-part webinar series. Part One reviews the most popular investment vehicles like stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, and addresses the advantages of tax-sheltered accounts like a Roth IRA. Don’t miss this chance to learn the fundamentals of investing in a lively, jargon-free format.

About the Speaker
Kristen Jacks is a financial educator and the author of Money in Your Twenties. Kristen studied financial planning at Boston University's Center for Professional Education. She started her career at Kiplinger's Personal Finance Magazine and later worked at Mutual Funds Magazine. Kristen is a graduate of Duke University.

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Wednesday Dec 7, 2022
7:00 PM  -  8:00 PM
Shari Merrill    2034264533
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