Adult Program - SCORE Virtual Workshops - Session Six

SCORE Virtual Workshops:

For Business Owners and Others Interested in Starting a New Business

Mondays at 7:00 PM on the Zoom Platform

Registration is on-going.  The Zoom link will be sent the day before program.

These events are brought to you through a partnership with the following public libraries:  Bayville, Hicksville, Levittown, Oceanside, Oyster Bay, Shelter Rock and West Hempstead.

November 29 - Session Six:  Understanding the Financial Numbers of Your Business

  • October 25 - Session One: How to Start a Business on a Small Budget - Learn the basics of setting up a business; legal entity structures; paying taxes; keeping financial records; insurance; developing a Business Plan; Marketing basics and financing a business.
  • November 1 - Session Two: How and Why to Prepare a Business Plan - Discover the components of a business plan; start-up costs; how to prepare a budget, create a cash flow projection and how to use a business plan to get financing.  Also walk through an example of preparing a Business Plan.
  • November 8 - Session Three: Learning Marketing Strategies that Lead to Greater Sales - Discover how to develop a marketing plan; perform market research; learn about pricing, advertising and promotion, Internet marketing and tracking results.
  • November 15 - Session Four: Build Your Business with Social Media - Review the 5 most popular social media networks and the benefits of using each; how other business are using social media and how to determine which networks are right for your business; what kind of content to create and post; how to tell if content is working and why social media and email marketing must be used together.
  • November 22 - Session Five: Learn Best Practices for Successful Email Marketing - What is email marketing, what can it do for your business and what are the five steps to harness the power of the inbox?
  • November 29 - Session Six: Understanding the Financial Numbers of Your Business - What is accounting, why is it key; what are Balance Sheets, Profit and Loss and Cash Flow Statements; how does one set up Key Bookkeeping Accounts, Business Finances, Budgets and Forecasts?  Also learn tips for good financial management.
  • December 6 - Session Seven: Franchising: In business for yourself but not by yourself!  -  How does one evaluate starting a business from scratch; gain knowledge of the franchise industry, get an explanation of franchise arrangements and types available, learn about funding, the tools in selecting the right franchise and the steps in evaluating a franchise?
Monday Nov 29, 2021
7:00 PM
   731-5728 ext 244