Stuffed Animal Sleepover*

Stuffed animals are invited to the library on February 18 for a special sleepover party JUST FOR THEM!

Each child may bring a stuffed animal to the library on Tuesday afternoon between 2:30 and 4:30 pm.  After your pal checks in with Miss Sara, they will spend a fun-filled night in the library!  We promise to feed your stuffed animal a nutritious dinner, read him or her lots of stories, and tuck them in for bed before midnight!  You can come back and pick them up on Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 pm, when you can learn about all of the adventures that Miss Sara and the stuffed animals had together.

Note to parents: please send an animal that can spend the whole night - perhaps not the favorite lovey that cannot be parted with...

For ages 4 and up.  Registration is required, and will open two weeks in advance.

Tuesday Feb 18, 2020
2:30 PM  -  4:30 PM
Sara Truog    617-898-4957
Story Hour Room
Web Site:
The registration period has ended.