Happy Scratch Coding Tips Week 4

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Happy Code Club Presents “Happy Scratch Coding Tips”

Ages 6-15

From Happy Code Club “Happy Code Club is excited to announce our new weekly video series: Happy Scratch Coding Tips! Each week, we will release a video on our Youtube Channel that outlines a new Scratch project for kids and families to follow along with at home. In this challenging time of virtual education, we realize that it is more important than ever to keep students engaged and excited about learning. Scratch is the perfect way for anyone to start learning to code from home, and game design projects can make this process even more fun!”

We at the library will be sharing Happy Code Club’s new video (length 3 min) each week so you and your family can join in on the fun! Here is 

Week 4

Only an internet connection and browser are needed, as well as a Scratch account. You can make a Scratch account here https://scratch.mit.edu/join and find out more about Scratch here https://scratch.mit.edu/parents and here https://scratch.mit.edu/info/faq.


Saturday May 23, 2020
12:00 AM  -  11:55 PM
Robyn Rivero    2038886944 ext 5    rrivero@oxfordlib.org
There are many spaces available.