Animal Architecture Grades 3-5 with ArchForKids (Virtual)

July 23rd: Pet Palaces Grades 3-5 (Virtual)

Design a comfy home for a pet - a birdhouse, an aquarium, a doghouse, or a home for another pet entirely! It's all up to you to create the best home for your pet (real or imaginary!).

Materials needed:

-One or a few recycled boxes, not too big--shoeboxes, small mailing cartons, cereal/pasta boxes, etc.

-Construction paper

-Cardboard scraps

-Scissors, tape, & glue

-Optional: supplies you have at home to embellish your model: tissue paper, pipe cleaners, playdough, toothpicks, cardboard scraps, twigs, pebbles, pinecones and other natural materials, markers, wrapping paper (to cover boxes), cardboard base, etc. 


Have fun designing spaces for our animal friends using simple household supplies. Children will first explore how animals create their homes. Then we will investigate how humans create spaces for animals. Each week is a new, exciting activity. Please check the calendar description for materials/supplies you will need to have at home. Engaging and interactive instruction by ArchForKids, which provides hands-on, minds-on architecture projects for young people (


This is a 4 week series of virtual programs that will be held on Zoom. Registration will begin one week before the program. Please register with an email you check regularly to receive the Zoom link.

Friday Jul 23, 2021
4:15 PM  -  5:15 PM
Registration will begin on Friday, July 16, 2021 at 12:00 AM