Ed Talks - Pets: Their Eyes Are on You
We depend on our senses to help us navigate and understand the world around us, and our animal friends are no different. While our pets use their eyes in a similar fashion as we do, there are some fascinating differences in animal vision versus human vision.
The eye is a complex and delicate organ. It has many functional parts that all work together to make sight possible. Though many of the parts are the same in different species, animals have developed certain adaptations that best suit their needs
We have to be careful when assuming what animals actually ‘see’ because we don't what their brain interprets from the information they receives.  We understand fairly well what their eyes are capable of, and it’s likely that their brains interpret something similar to ours, but we really don't know that.
This talk will cover the nuances of animal vision and how these slight variations aid different species.
Presented by Edward Schroth, biology, water ecology and environmental science educator.
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Thursday Jan 16, 2020
7:00 PM  -  8:30 PM
Sewickley Public Library    412-741-6920    sewickley@einetwork.net
Community Room
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