Kitchen Ceili - Traditional Music of Ireland and New England

As their name implies, the Irish/New England band Kitchen Céilí performs spirited tunes and songs in an atmosphere of unpretentious good humor. Their repertoire includes the driving reels and lilting jigs and hornpipes one would find in an Irish pub session, as well as stately waltzes, slow airs, and old and new songs of emigrants, soldiers, lovers, lawyers and computer programmers from both sides of the Atlantic. The band features George Wilson on fiddle, banjo and vocals, Dorothea (Dora) Hast on tin whistle and recorders, and Stan Scott on guitar, mandolin, banjo, and vocals. Programs can also include one or more Irish step dancers and more instrumentalists. Concerts are for audiences of all ages!

Saturday Apr 27, 2024
1:00 PM  -  2:00 PM
Shanelle Dupre    8602834339
1st floor