The Academy Awards: The Good, the Bad, and the Outrageous

Just how did this Hollywood award get started? Who has won (or lost) the Oscar over the years? What classics were never even nominated? What forgotten films are former Best Picture winners? What are some of the televised ceremony’s most famous (and infamous) moments? Who will win this year – and who will go home empty-handed? Join film speaker Frank Mandosa as he answers these questions and more to get you ready for Hollywood's big night! There will be interactive trivia questions, clips, poster board displays, movie-themed door prizes, and free blank Oscar ballots!

About the presenter:
A high school English and Film teacher, Frank Mandosa has been publicly speaking on a wide variety of film topics for the past 11 years at libraries, community centers, senior living facilities, and private parties. He co-hosted the award-winning movie show Reel Life for local cable for eight years and now hosts two movie podcasts, one called Silver Screeners, and the other, Movies Across the Pod, which he does with his friend in Liverpool, England. Join his public Facebook film group Silver Screeners, follow him on Twitter @filmbuff1974, and on Instagram at frankmandosa1974.
Tuesday Feb 27, 2024
7:00 PM  -  8:00 PM
Courtney Michael    508-358-2311
Raytheon Room
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