Cut the Cord on Cable TV ~ Virtual Program

James Gifford provides an entertaining community presentation meant to help cable-TV customers break the expensive and often frustrating cable service cycle and gain lower costs, greater control and a vastly expanded selection of entertainment and communication choices. Attendees will learn how to get out of a cable service agreement, find and negotiate the best internet/broadband access deal, and get started with streaming services for a vast range of entertainment options... many of which are free!

The presentation covers the details of streaming equipment (some of which attendees may already own) and how to explore the ever-expanding list of channels and services that streaming—as well as the "forgotten" free resource of broadcast TV—can bring to your living room. Support issues such as quality home Wi-Fi and low-cost home phone service are covered as well. You don't need advanced technical expertise... just the right information! If you're tired of endless rate increases and shell games with service and programming terms, cut your expense and take control... come learn how to Cut the Cord!

Registration begins December 9th, online or by calling the library’s Reference Department at 860-652-7720. Registration with a valid email address is required to receive login information on the day of the Zoom meeting.

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About the presenter: James Gifford is uniquely qualified to present this seminar. He has been a writer, editor and publisher for 30 years, focusing on bringing complex subjects to introductory and novice audiences. He has been in the tech and consumer electronics industry for about that long as well, much of it at the engineering level in business and personal communications and telecom. And he has spent much of the last decade writing about consumer economics and advocating for consumer rights. He is a completely independent speaker with no ties or interests to any cable, communications, online, entertainment or equipment companies. He was a resident of Tolland for six years and now connects to these sessions from Denver, Colorado.

Thursday Jan 6, 2022
6:00 PM  -  7:00 PM
Reference Department    860-652-7720   
Virtual Session
Registration will begin on Thursday, December 9, 2021 at 9:00 AM