Teen College Essay Writing Workshop

For teens entering grades 9-12

With recent college admissions changes, the importance of the application essay has grown, and college essays can be intimidating. After all, they can make or break your application (no pressure!) and they seem to ask for the impossible by forcing you to encapsulate who you are into just one short essay.

In this college essay workshop presented by C2 Education, you’ll learn how to write the perfect college essay including structure, topic selection, and mindset. We also discuss implications of the college essay in today’s coronavirus environment and provide expert tips on crafting it perfectly.  You’ll learn how to overcome the biggest college essay challenges so that you can craft incredible essays that help you get into your dream schools.

Registration begins June 14th, online or by calling the library’s Reference Department at 860-652-7720.

Tuesday Jul 12, 2022
6:00 PM  -  7:00 PM
Teen/Reference Department    860-652-7720   
Friends Room
There are 11 spaces available.