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Feature EKRegistration
Collect and Save Registration Data Many online reporting options
Export Data Export registrations to Excel
Email Registrants Send individual emails to all registrants
Confirmation Email Sent by system upon successful registration
Easy to Create Use templates to prefill most fields
Easy Link to Registration Form Automatically created and changes when class is full.
My Registrations Users can view and cancel their registrations
Multiple registrants per form Optional field for number of registrants
Multiple registrant types per form e.g. separate fields for Children and Adults
2 Name Fields First and Last Name stored separately
Auto Upgrade from Waiting List If there's a waiting list and space becomes available
Complex Forms   Add checkboxes, radio buttons, lists, etc.
Automatic Reminders   Configurable Timing and Content
Registration Availability Dates   Set a range of dates to determine when registration is available
Create Class Lists   PDF
Create Class Certificates   PDF
Link One Form to Multiple Events   Registration for a series of events
Pricing $125/year $375/year You can have a registration form for every event!

Published on April 21, 2008