Plymouth Rocket Versions

Current Release Information

VERSION HAWK : 2020.07.09 B

  	CONTACT : reenabled contact form but now blocking submissions from addresses containing qq.com

	EKFEED : fix bug involving negative days

	EK REG : users from qq.com can use standard forms (all but PR CONTACT form)
	EK REG : enable hiding the password prompt even if patron authentication if the Password Text = HIDE
	EK REG : fix bug where whole name was filled in instead of Last Name
	EK REG : remove extra "name" in response form
	EK REG : added ability to sort reports on Timeslot Data

	EK ROOMS : begin supporting room reservation tablets
	EK ROOMS : fix allowed year range in Matrix View
	EK ROOMS - new EditorPostStatus and new EditorStartEditApp for TABLETS
	TK : show buttons to editors even if not ADMIN team
	TK : new Pass Pool Fields as part of pass info.  Support for these fields TBD.

	ROCKET SEARCH : add more explanation in header